Emergency Contacts

For general enquiries, bookings, confirmations, reservations or any life-threatening emergency that requires the immediate response of emergency services such as police, fire or paramedic, you may dial the required contact number from the table below

Station Name City Contact Website Address
Ambulance Karachi 115
Ambulance Lahore 115
Ambulance Islamabad 115
Ambulance Peshawar 115
Ambulance Faisalabad 115
Ambulance Quetta 115
Board of Secondary Education Karachi N/A
Board of Secondary Education Lahore N/A
Board of Secondary Education Islamabad 840702
Board of Secondary Education Peshawar 41058
Board of Secondary Education Faisalabad 617440
Board of Secondary Education Quetta 833447
Bomb Disposal Karachi 2416626
Bomb Disposal Lahore 7352828
Bomb Disposal Islamabad 9222362
Bomb Disposal Peshawar 278092
Bomb Disposal Faisalabad 30209
Bomb Disposal Quetta 831280
Civil Defence Karachi 7728311
Civil Defence Lahore 7352828
Civil Defence Islamabad 565797
Civil Defence Peshawar 271257
Civil Defence Faisalabad 30209
Civil Defence Quetta 71143
Civil Secretariat Karachi 2632075
Civil Secretariat Lahore 210123
Civil Secretariat Islamabad 816081
Civil Secretariat Peshawar 60117
Civil Secretariat Faisalabad N/A
Civil Secretariat Quetta 62020
Edhi Trust Karachi 2310066
Edhi Trust Lahore 440159
Edhi Trust Islamabad 251191
Edhi Trust Peshawar 214575
Edhi Trust Faisalabad 610111
Edhi Trust Quetta 83081
Export Promotion Bureau Karachi -444
Export Promotion Bureau Lahore -444
Export Promotion Bureau Islamabad -444
Export Promotion Bureau Peshawar -444
Export Promotion Bureau Faisalabad -444
Export Promotion Bureau Quetta -444
Fatmid Blood Transfusion Karachi N/A
Fatmid Blood Transfusion Lahore 853491
Fatmid Blood Transfusion Islamabad 0
Fatmid Blood Transfusion Peshawar 843050
Fatmid Blood Transfusion Faisalabad N/A
Fatmid Blood Transfusion Quetta N/A
Fire Brigade Center Karachi 16
Fire Brigade Center Lahore 16
Fire Brigade Center Islamabad 16
Fire Brigade Center Peshawar 16
Fire Brigade Center Faisalabad 16
Fire Brigade Center Quetta 16
General post office (GPO) Karachi 210215
General post office (GPO) Lahore N/A
General post office (GPO) Islamabad 825957
General post office (GPO) Peshawar 274425
General post office (GPO) Faisalabad 28462
General post office (GPO) Quetta 64082
Govt.transport(GTS) Karachi N/A
Govt.transport(GTS) Lahore N/A
Govt.transport(GTS) Islamabad 411744
Govt.transport(GTS) Peshawar 272660
Govt.transport(GTS) Faisalabad 30379
Govt.transport(GTS) Quetta N/A
Hilal-e-Ahmar Karachi 721359
Hilal-e-Ahmar Lahore 6304703
Hilal-e-Ahmar Islamabad 855292
Hilal-e-Ahmar Peshawar 210836
Hilal-e-Ahmar Faisalabad N/A
Hilal-e-Ahmar Quetta 440406
Hospital Civil (casualties) Karachi N/A
Hospital Civil (casualties) Lahore N/A
Hospital Civil (casualties) Islamabad 556297
Hospital Civil (casualties) Peshawar 40324
Hospital Civil (casualties) Faisalabad 30103
Hospital Civil (casualties) Quetta 62017
Hospital services (Casualties) Karachi N/A
Hospital services (Casualties) Lahore N/A
Hospital services (Casualties) Islamabad 218291
Hospital services (Casualties) Peshawar 214213
Hospital services (Casualties) Faisalabad 26448
Hospital services (Casualties) Quetta 827927
Income Tax Karachi 219481
Income Tax Lahore 7123892
Income Tax Islamabad 566381
Income Tax Peshawar 271304
Income Tax Faisalabad 54596
Income Tax Quetta 838310
Metropolitan corp. Karachi 299370
Metropolitan corp. Lahore 7324461
Metropolitan corp. Islamabad 72552
Metropolitan corp. Peshawar 216249
Metropolitan corp. Faisalabad N/A
Metropolitan corp. Quetta 835927
News Agency(APP) Karachi 210281
News Agency(APP) Lahore 6367459
News Agency(APP) Islamabad 825648
News Agency(APP) Peshawar 246313
News Agency(APP) Faisalabad 34207
News Agency(APP) Quetta 72076
Overseas Booking Karachi 102
Overseas Booking Lahore 102
Overseas Booking Islamabad 102
Overseas Booking Peshawar 102
Overseas Booking Faisalabad 102
Overseas Booking Quetta 102
Overseas Enquiry Karachi 104
Overseas Enquiry Lahore 104
Overseas Enquiry Islamabad 104
Overseas Enquiry Peshawar 104
Overseas Enquiry Faisalabad 104
Overseas Enquiry Quetta 104
PAF (Recruting) Karachi 524374
PAF (Recruting) Lahore 6698305
PAF (Recruting) Islamabad 50502513
PAF (Recruting) Peshawar 275495
PAF (Recruting) Faisalabad N/A
PAF (Recruting) Quetta 822103
Pakistan Army (Recruiting ) Karachi 51800546
Pakistan Army (Recruiting ) Lahore N/A
Pakistan Army (Recruiting ) Islamabad N/A
Pakistan Army (Recruiting ) Peshawar 20160
Pakistan Army (Recruiting ) Faisalabad N/A
Pakistan Army (Recruiting ) Quetta N/A
Pakistan Navy (Recruiting) Karachi N/A
Pakistan Navy (Recruiting) Lahore N/A
Pakistan Navy (Recruiting) Islamabad 452899
Pakistan Navy (Recruiting) Peshawar 811808
Pakistan Navy (Recruiting) Faisalabad 752087
Pakistan Navy (Recruiting) Quetta 65259
Pakistan Tourism Dev. Corp. Karachi N/A
Pakistan Tourism Dev. Corp. Lahore N/A
Pakistan Tourism Dev. Corp. Islamabad 294788
Pakistan Tourism Dev. Corp. Peshawar 279777
Pakistan Tourism Dev. Corp. Faisalabad N/A
Pakistan Tourism Dev. Corp. Quetta 825826
Passport Office Karachi N/A
Passport Office Lahore N/A
Passport Office Islamabad 810837
Passport Office Peshawar 43098
Passport Office Faisalabad 41052
Passport Office Quetta 71275
Phonogram Karachi 116
Phonogram Lahore 116
Phonogram Islamabad 116
Phonogram Peshawar 116
Phonogram Faisalabad 116
Phonogram Quetta 116
PIA Cargo Karachi 4572011
PIA Cargo Lahore 377239
PIA Cargo Islamabad 815041
PIA Cargo Peshawar 273071
PIA Cargo Faisalabad 34783
PIA Cargo Quetta 820862
PIA Flight Enquiry Karachi 114
PIA Flight Enquiry Lahore 114
PIA Flight Enquiry Islamabad 114
PIA Flight Enquiry Peshawar 114
PIA Flight Enquiry Faisalabad 114
PIA Flight Enquiry Quetta 114
PIA Reservation Karachi -1461
PIA Reservation Lahore -1461
PIA Reservation Islamabad -1461
PIA Reservation Peshawar 276159
PIA Reservation Faisalabad 30460
PIA Reservation Quetta 820861
Police Emergency Karachi 15
Police Emergency Lahore 15
Police Emergency Islamabad 15
Police Emergency Peshawar 15
Police Emergency Faisalabad 15
Police Emergency Quetta 15
Police Railway Station (City) Karachi N/A
Police Railway Station (City) Lahore N/A
Police Railway Station (City) Islamabad 562664
Police Railway Station (City) Peshawar 273128
Police Railway Station (City) Faisalabad 24727
Police Railway Station (City) Quetta 65235
PTV Karachi 4931001
PTV Lahore 6367939
PTV Islamabad 812456
PTV Peshawar 279102
PTV Faisalabad 53985
PTV Quetta 823600
Radio Pakistan Karachi 7720761
Radio Pakistan Lahore 8368368
Radio Pakistan Islamabad 211141
Radio Pakistan Peshawar 279203
Radio Pakistan Faisalabad 42600
Radio Pakistan Quetta 64123
Railway Enquiry Karachi 117
Railway Enquiry Lahore 117
Railway Enquiry Islamabad 117
Railway Enquiry Peshawar 117
Railway Enquiry Faisalabad 117
Railway Enquiry Quetta 117
Railway Reservation (Cantt) Karachi 510178
Railway Reservation (Cantt) Lahore N/A
Railway Reservation (Cantt) Islamabad 827474
Railway Reservation (Cantt) Peshawar 274429
Railway Reservation (Cantt) Faisalabad 22503
Railway Reservation (Cantt) Quetta 61066
Railway Reservation (city) Quetta N/A
Railway Reservation (city) Karachi 510178
Railway Reservation (city) Lahore N/A
Railway Reservation (city) Islamabad 827474
Railway Reservation (city) Peshawar 274429
Railway Reservation (city) Faisalabad 22503
Sui Gas Complaints Karachi 4934881
Sui Gas Complaints Lahore 5756116
Sui Gas Complaints Islamabad 410778
Sui Gas Complaints Peshawar 272511
Sui Gas Complaints Faisalabad 50271
Sui Gas Complaints Quetta 828880
Telegraph Enquiry Karachi 210669
Telegraph Enquiry Lahore 6633408
Telegraph Enquiry Islamabad 565506
Telegraph Enquiry Peshawar 274390
Telegraph Enquiry Faisalabad 34902
Telegraph Enquiry Quetta 74090
Telephone Complaints Karachi 18
Telephone Complaints Lahore 18
Telephone Complaints Islamabad 18
Telephone Complaints Peshawar 18
Telephone Complaints Faisalabad 18
Telephone Complaints Quetta 18
Telephone Enquiry Karachi 17
Telephone Enquiry Lahore 17
Telephone Enquiry Islamabad 17
Telephone Enquiry Peshawar 17
Telephone Enquiry Faisalabad 17
Telephone Enquiry Quetta 17
test Karachi 34
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testsfdf Islamabad dfsf dfsdf dsfsdf
Text Book Board Karachi N/A
Text Book Board Lahore 5758556
Text Book Board Islamabad N/A
Text Book Board Peshawar 812414
Text Book Board Faisalabad N/A
Text Book Board Quetta 442945
Time Enquiry Karachi 14
Time Enquiry Lahore 14
Time Enquiry Islamabad 14
Time Enquiry Peshawar 14
Time Enquiry Faisalabad 14
Time Enquiry Quetta 14
Trunk inland Enquiry Karachi 103
Trunk inland Enquiry Lahore 103
Trunk inland Enquiry Islamabad 103
Trunk inland Enquiry Peshawar 103
Trunk inland Enquiry Faisalabad 103
Trunk inland Enquiry Quetta 103
Trunk Overseas Booking Karachi 102
Trunk Overseas Booking Lahore 102
Trunk Overseas Booking Islamabad 102
Trunk Overseas Booking Peshawar 102
Trunk Overseas Booking Faisalabad 102
Trunk Overseas Booking Quetta 102
University Karachi 479004
University Lahore 7248556
University Islamabad 810378
University Peshawar 842437
University Faisalabad 25902
University Quetta 440814
University Allama Iqbal Karachi 675298
University Allama Iqbal Lahore 446823
University Allama Iqbal Islamabad 264795
University Allama Iqbal Peshawar 216710
University Allama Iqbal Faisalabad 41411
University Allama Iqbal Quetta 73049
University of Engin and Tech Karachi N/A
University of Engin and Tech Lahore 682266
University of Engin and Tech Islamabad 2486
University of Engin and Tech Peshawar 40573
University of Engin and Tech Faisalabad N/A
University of Engin and Tech Quetta N/A
Wapda (Enq) Karachi 210704
Wapda (Enq) Lahore 6366911
Wapda (Enq) Islamabad 411423
Wapda (Enq) Peshawar 2563556
Wapda (Enq) Faisalabad 30433
Wapda (Enq) Quetta 71166
Weather (Enq) Karachi 4572811
Weather (Enq) Lahore 370518
Weather (Enq) Islamabad 855363
Weather (Enq) Peshawar 272889
Weather (Enq) Faisalabad N/A
Weather (Enq) Quetta 7024363