Daily Security Review

Daily Security Review (DSR) covers recent developments of previous 24 hours in the country (currently, primarily in Major cities of the country, through news briefs (regarding political situation, terrorism, crime and protests etc) taken from public sources that are graded from Level 1 to 4 (from situational awareness & Information Alert to Warning & Critical Alert of evolving situations for awareness which requires no action to heightened awareness requiring caution and vigilance to appropriate measures for operations and personnel security. In addition, threat levels discussed in DSR range from “Low” to “High” and determined using a comprehensive system of qualitative and quantitative analysis. Daily Security Review (DSR) is released every morning, Monday-Friday and it is directly emailed to the subscriber.

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The DSR archives are one week old and consist of reports issued in last 1 year to be viewed and for download. For current DSR, Please contact us with the request for subscription and packages details.Contact

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Eid al-Adha in 2018 is on Wednesday, the 22nd of August

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